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Dee McKinney

Ryan and Scott were very helpful and full of knowledge. Thanks

Mindful Minimalist Mama

I am so impressed with Tiny Home Connection and their commitment to making you a HOME. Their commitment to community is evident in their monthly meetup meetings and their passion to develop communities all over the state. Their team of experts will give you peace of mind and their passion for simple and sustainable living will shine through every time you meet them. They have space for DIY tiny homes, consulting, plans and more. Start your tiny house dream today at Tiny Home Connection.

Raven Timmer

These guys are the best!

Jessica Wilkerson

LOVE this place. They are so welcoming to anyone and everyone. Everyone is friendly and helpful and no one acts like they know better like some other places. Highly recommended!!

John Alagaratnam

Artistic, outside the box thinking, willing to work with people from all walks of life to give them their dream home! No task to big or job too tiny