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We understand going tiny is different for everyone. For some, the focus is about mobility and reducing their environmental impact, while others may seek this opportunity to generate additional rental income. Regardless of your “why”, Tiny Home Connection is here to educate, recommend and bring your vision to life. Our builds and models are separated into three categories: Custom Homes, Tiny Home on Wheels and Pods. As licensed general contractors and tiny home professionals, our expertise and versatile construction practices allow our team to take on any small space project.

Custom Homes

Primary & Accessory Dwelling Units

The perfect opportunity to capitalize on new space as you seek financial freedom.

An ADU, or Accessory Dwelling Unit, is a secondary housing unit on a single family residential lot. The PDU, or Primary Dwelling Unit, is a term we have coined at Tiny Home Connection. Similar to an ADU, these structures serve as the primary housing unit on a residential lot. If you are looking for an additional space but not necessarily a dwelling, be sure to check out our Pods.

As the tiny home movement continues to grow and expand, we have seen ADUs and PDUs developed for various reasons. Many see the structures as the perfect opportunity to capitalize on their lot as they seek financial freedoms. Using one structure as a full-time dwelling and the other as a rental, there are various possibilities to generate additional income. We would love to help you reach your goals and bring your vision to life.

Just like every family, each build is unique. We want to provide a space that is catered to fit your family’s lifestyle. ADUs and PDUs have the ability to provide self-empowerment, independence and alleviate financial burdens. For some, an ADU or PDU could be an ideal space for recent graduates looking to avoid challenging rent and living expenses. For others, our custom ADA compliant units allow family members to maintain their Independence and comforts. The financial stresses, lack of individual care and long commutes can make assisted living facilities challenging on families. We believe our ADUs and PDUs could serve as the perfect housing option for grandparents or in-laws, ultimately keeping families closer together.  


Regardless of the unit, we ensure all ADUs and PDUs are designed and built sustainably. It is important to us at Tiny Home Connection to minimize the carbon footprint and energy usage within each build. In addition to features like reclaimed wood, expertly installed insulation, and high efficiency windows, our light and durable steel framing is made from 85% recycled steel! When working with our team, you also have the opportunity to select options like solar or wind packages to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

“Simplify Your Life” is a motto here at Tiny Home Connection. We agree with our friends at The Wayward Home who believe, “A tiny home is a multi-tool to meet personal goals, financial and lifestyle, and community needs—a wide range of quality, affordable and environmentally-friendly housing.” Our sustainable structures are here to help as we understand the need for more space as well as the importance of financial independence.

Fortunately for you, Tiny Home Connection is a fully licensed and insured operation. All projects are built to code and up to the highest production standards. This not only ensures a level of quality and correctness, but also adds to the value of the property. Without the use of permits and inspections, homeowners face future challenges when renting and selling. We ensure this is done correctly the first time, giving you the future space to live your life. Your financial freedom is just around the corner, let Tiny Home Connection help you get there.



Tiny Home on Wheels

The ultimate hybrid on the small spaces spectrum.

A tiny home, as defined in the 2018 IRC Code Book appendix Q, is: “a dwelling that is 400 square feet or less in floor area excluding lofts.” To us, a tiny home is any structure that incorporates sustainable design and materials to support a healthier and simpler lifestyle. As we say every day… “Simplify Your Life!” A Tiny Home On Wheels (THOW) is the ultimate hybrid on  the small spaces spectrum by combining the construction practices of a traditional house with the mobility of a trailer to provide you with a long-term home.

At Tiny Home Connection, we deliver your custom THOW to you turnkey and ready to move in. We utilize Pacific West Tiny House (PWTH) certification on all of our builds so you can trust your home was built by industry experts and meets, or more often, exceeds the highest standards. This is essential for the longevity of the home and complying with building regulations. Not to mention, this becomes immensely important when looking for financing, insurance, or admittance into a tiny home community. Those built without certification may find it difficult to obtain any form of insurance at all.


People go tiny for various reasons, including a desire to live a greener and simpler lifestyle. At Tiny Home Connection, it is important that we design and construct your tiny homes with sustainability in mind. From the products and materials used in our builds, to our own practices and business partners, we want to reduce our own carbon footprint just as much as we want to help you reduce yours. Take comfort knowing our durable, lightweight framing and top of the line trailers are professionally constructed from 85% recycled steel. As you move towards a greener and simpler lifestyle, you can rest assured that Tiny Home Connection will be with you from foundation forward.

To keep your environmental impact small and maximize your energy efficiency, we have a number of packages to choose from, even options to live off-grid. We only use appliances, windows and insulation options to help reduce your carbon footprint. Whether deciding between solar or wind for power sourcing, adding a water treatment and storage container or installing a power management and conservation system, we can make it all happen. Our goal is to provide you with the tools for self-empowerment and personal success.


Bumper Pull Configuration

The Cedar

    Starting At


    • 24′ x 8′
    • Travel friendly
    • Minimalistic layout
    • Dual sleeping lofts

    The Aspen

      Starting At


      • 26′ x 8′
      • Garage door
      • Slide Out system
      • Multifunctional space

      The Cherry Blossom

        Starting At


        • 26′ x 8′
        • Pet friendly
        • Split-level design
        • No ladders, no lofts

        The Birch

          Starting At


          • 24′ x 10′
          • Spacious open concept
          • Chef’s kitchen
          • DOT apply

          Gooseneck Configuration

          The Colorado Spruce

            Starting At


            • 24′ x 8′
            • Master Bathroom
            • Tri-level layour
            • Multifunctional loft

            The Oak

              Starting At


              • 28′ x 8′
              • Built-in garage
              • Tall bedroom design
              • Tiny Master Closet


              Alternatives, Structures, Pods

              The structures are built off-site at our shop within a controlled setting then delivered to you.

              Think of Pods as the alternative structure you have always envisioned on your property. Whether a man cave or she shed, a personal office or even an on-suite for potential rental income, our Pods are the solution. Pods closely resemble mods and the modular building process. The structures are built off-site at our shop within a controlled setting then delivered to you. This allows our team to maintain timelines, completing projects in just a matter of weeks versus months. This Podular process saves time and money, allowing you to get back to living life and enjoying daily experiences.

              Ranging in size and shape, our Pods are the perfect accessory to any property. As zoning experts, we understand no two properties are alike. Property owners have to abide by land use requirements, various regulations, and even lot limitations which can crush construction dreams. This is why we have created our Pods.  Along with our zoning expertise, these structures work within the legal code and confines to provide you with a solution to your building needs.


              All of our Pods are developed by in-house professionals with sustainable design in mind. As tiny enthusiasts, we try our best to support our local markets, reduce our carbon footprint and incorporate Colorado materials. By asking “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?” throughout the process, we ensure that everything from the source of materials to the philosophy of our partners is focused on the tiny agenda.

              When working with our team to create your ideal Pod, you will see we only have two limitations, gravity and your budget. At Tiny Home Connection, complete customization is available, from the size and materials to the layout and design. Our structures are geared to fit you and your lifestyle. Upon delivery day, our licensed and insured installers will secure and finish the final step of the process. So what are you waiting for, let us know what ideas you have for your future pod!


              What you Get

              Options, Upgrades, and Add-ons

              Foundation & trailer options available
              Green building practices
              Material upgrades
              Pacific West Tiny Home Certification
              Sustainable & locally sourced materials
              Standard & composting toilet options
              Solar Packages

              Results in significant cost savings not to mention it’s a healthy upgrade for mother nature and can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

              Off-Grid Packages

              Everything you need to take your lifestyle off the grid. Things like a composting toilet, onboard water storage and filtration system, wood burning fireplace, energy efficient appliances, LED lights and more!

              Steel Framing

              One of the most obvious advantages to using steel over wood in residential construction is durability. Architects, designers and builders are finding many advantages such as energy efficiency, sustainability, and cost savings to using steel over wood in residential construction.

              Insulation Options

              The best insulation is the best installed insulation. Period. We offer high performing and sustainable options such as low VOC closed cell spray foam, recycled denim, mineral wool, real wool, blown in cellulose, and more!

              Design. Build. Live.

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