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The Most Effective Physical Therapy in Trumbull

Are you sick of remembering when you used to feel normal? Stop letting pain decide what you can and can’t do: take back control of your life! At PhysicallyFit Athletics, we’re passionate about helping men and women across Trumbull address their mobility issues and get back to living life without pain.

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Feel Good Again With Specialized Treatments to Help You

PhysicallyFit Athletics doesn’t provide the traditional Physical Therapy that you might think of. Our one-on-one specialized treatments take the time to analyze your body and determine the true cause of your limitation so that we can take the right action to help alleviate your pain and gently help heal your injury.

We understand that rest is not a solution – you can’t always take time off to heal. Our Physical Therapy offers you the opportunity to keep doing what you love while getting the rehabilitation that you need.

Become Your Optimal You With PhysicallyFit Athletics

Physical Therapy should be catered to the individual and coupled with individual attention. We saw the need for this style of treatment and decided to make it a possibility for people in Trumbull.

Licensed Physical Therapist:
Craig Spann PT, DPT, FRCms, SFMA, FR, FMT

My Story:

Since the moment I had the chance, I knew I was going to be a professional athlete. I had a tennis career plagued with injuries that never allowed me to achieve my full potential. Since then I have been determined to do something to give back and help others in the way I couldn’t be helped. While I can’t go back in time and change anything in my life, I can give back all my knowledge to prevent others from making the same mistakes. Whether its professional sports, dancing, yoga, hiking, or playing with your kids, it doesn’t matter. We all have activities in life that keep us living and make us feel whole. I have dedicated myself to keeping people doing, and getting back to doing the things that they love. I started Optimal Physical Therapy for that exact reason, I wanted to give people my best. One-on-one treatment didn’t exist in Physical Therapy, so I was committed to change that and give people the best treatment, effort, and care possible. The human body has a great ability to heal itself and no one knows your body better than you. My job is to give you the tools to fix yourself and guide your body to heal itself so you can get back to doing the things that make you feel alive.

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